Polyester 315gm Tricot – Realtree® Edge® – 60″


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Polyester tricot is a must-have fabric for many home sewing projects. Why? For starters, the print clarity and detail on the polyester tricot is second to none. The very fine yarns used to make this fabric take even the most detailed print image like a champ. Secondly, it has great physical properties. This fabric has low stretch so it’s easy to work with and provides excellent drape, great ability to form fit an object and a quiet, soft feel. Because of this, you can use polyester tricot to “camo up” virtually any item around your house!

  • Our fabrics are roughly 60″ wide and we ship orders in the length that you order.
  • We sell our fabric by the yard. 1 Yard = 3 Feet.
  • More than 1 yard will be shipped in one continuous piece unless requested otherwise.

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