Cordura Nylon

Camouflage Cordura Nylon Fabric

Trusted by the military, law enforcement and serious hunters. Cordura Nylon is known for it’s performance in tough conditions.


Multicam Fabric

Multicam is the number one pattern for military installations worldwide.

Solid Colors

Same quality fabric in the most popular military and hunting solid colors including Coyote Brown, Tan 499, Olive Drab and Camo Green.

Snap Grommets


These grommets are ideal for blinds and outdoor applications. These grommets are simple to use and virtually indestructible.

Hunting Blind Fabric

Hunting Blind Fabric

We carry the largest assortment of patterns in the most durable and popular fabrics used in making hunting blinds.

Winter Camo

Winter / Snow Camo Fabric

Shop our line of winter camouflage pattern fabrics. From weatherproof blind fabric to apparel we have you covered.


Fabric for
Hunting / Outdoor

Camo Fabric for Hunting - Hunting Fabric

Camo printed fabrics great for hunting blinds, bags, backpacks, apparel and concealment.


Fabric for
Apparel / Clothing

Camo Fabric for Apparel

These camouflage fabrics are perfect for creating custom clothing and apparel.


Fabric for
Tactical Gear

Camo Fabric for Tactical - Tactical Fabric

A-TACS Camo printed fabrics perfect for tactical applications, gear and concealment.


Fabric for
Upholstery / Home

Camo Fabric for Home Decor and General Use - Camouflage Fabric

Beautiful camo printed fabrics that are ideal for home decor and general outdoor usage.


Fabric by
Camo Pattern

Do you have a favorite brand of camouflage? Camo Fabric Depot carries all of the industry leading camo fabric patterns. With our expertise in fabric manufacturing and fabric printing, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best performance fabrics along with the stunning color that brands like Realtree®, Mossy Oak®, Moon Shine Camo®, A-Tacs Camo®, Next Camo® and more are famous for. Camo Fabric Depot is the best place to buy camo fabric online. Join the pros and level up with our camo fabrics! Don’t see the pattern you want? We probably have it. Get in touch at sales@camofabricdepot.com.

Mossy Oak Fabrics
Realtree Camo Fabric
MultiCam Camo Fabric
A-TACS Camo Fabric
Prym1 Camo Fabric
Sirphis Camo Fabric
Next Camo Fabric


  • 1000D Cordura Nylon - Solid Burgandy

    1000D Cordura Nylon – Solid – Burgandy 59/60″

    $16.25 / yd
  • 1000D Cordura Nylon Bronze Tan

    1000D Cordura® Nylon – Solid – Bronze Tan 59/60″

    $16.25 / yd
  • 500D Nylon – Solid – Olive Drab – 60″

    $15.25 / yd
  • 500D Nylon – Solid – Camo Green – 60″

    $13.95 / yd
  • 500D Nylon – Solid – Tan 499 – 60″

    $13.95 / yd
  • 500D Cordura® Nylon – Solid – Coyote Brown – 60″

    $13.95 / yd
  • 500D Cordura® Nylon – Solid Black 59/60″

    $13.95 / yd


  • A-TACS-ATX-Nylon-Webbing

    Nylon Webbing – Atacs AT-X – 15ft

    $21.00 each
  • A-TACS-AUX-webbing

    Nylon Webbing – Atacs AU-X – 15ft

    $17.00$21.00 each
  • A-TACS-FGX-Nylon-Webbing

    Nylon Webbing – Atacs FG-X – 15ft

    $17.00$21.00 each
  • A-TACS-IX-Nylon-Webbing

    Nylon Webbing – Atacs iX – 15ft

    $21.00 each
  • Nylon Webbing - Black

    Nylon Webbing – Black – 15ft

    $5.70$7.70 each
  • Nylon Webbing - Camo Green

    Nylon Webbing – Camo Green – 15ft

    $5.70$6.75 each
  • Nylon Webbing – Coyote 498 – 15ft

    $5.70$7.70 each
  • Nylon Webbing – MultiCam Alpine – 15ft

    $16.50 each


  • 500D Cordura Nylon – Mossy Oak New Bottomland – 60″

    $19.45 / yd
  • 500D Cordura Nylon – Realtree Max-4 – 60″

    $19.45 / yd
  • 500D Cordura Nylon – Realtree Max-5 – 60″

    $19.45 / yd
  • Mossy-Oak-Break-Up-500D-nylon

    500D Cordura® Nylon – Mossy Oak Break Up – 60″

    $19.45 / yd
  • Mossy Oak Original Shadow Grass Fabric - Camo Fabric Depot

    500D Cordura® Nylon – Mossy Oak Shadow Grass (Original) – 60″

    $19.45 / yd
  • Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades 500D Nylon

    500D Cordura® Nylon – Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades – 60″

    $19.45 / yd
  • Realtree Edge 500D Nylon - Camo Fabric Depot

    500D Cordura® Nylon – Realtree Edge™ – 60″

    $19.45 / yd
  • Realtree Xtra 500D Nylon

    500D Cordura® Nylon – Realtree Xtra – 60″

    $19.45 / yd


Proud Tunnels to Towers Supporter

This year marks the 20 year anniversary of the tragic events that took place September 11th, 2001. We have thought long and hard about ways to give back to those directly affected by 9/11 and first responders. What we have decided to do is provide support directly to military heroes, fallen first responders, and their families through Tunnel to Towers.

For every t-shirt sold through our website we will donate $2 to this great foundation. Check out our new ‘We the People’ design as well as our unique ‘Patriot Camo’ pattern only found here at Camo Fabric Depot! New designs coming soon!

  • Patriot Camo Brown – We The People

    $29.50 each
  • Patriot Camo Gray – We The People

    $29.50 each
  • We The People – Full Color – Short Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

    $24.95 each
  • We the People T-shirt

    We the People – Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

    $24.95 each

Mustang Fabric

A premium polyester fabric with a luxurious feel, Mustang SSQ is the softest, smoothest fabric we offer. Order some today and experience the WOW we experienced when we first laid our hands on it.

We guarantee you won’t be able to take your hands of of it!



Camouflage Fleece Fabric Sale

Camouflage Fleece Fabric Sale – Get 20% off all camo fleece fabric for a limited time. Realtree, Mossy Oak, Next Camo and more!

Winter is right around the corner and the snow will soon be flying. Check out our winter and snow camo options available. We have fabrics great for hunting blinds or apparel!

Homemade coronavirus face mask fabric

Fabrics suitable for creating homemade face mask or face mask covers. These fabrics are not medical grade but ideal for home use, mask covers or masks that hold filters.

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